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  Chapter 3 

  The Hero Awakes 

Julia and lily stand up, "but who are you and do mean It's time for me to choice? "asked Julia with a worried look on her face, lily look at Julia with a worried look on her face and she thinks it's the same dragon that attack them in the park , set it on fire and killed those poor innocent people. "I am the light dragon and it's time for you to choose your and the earth's fate and the choices are will you destroy the darkness or will you let the world face an eternal darkness?" said the light dragon. Julia and lily look at each other, then they look at the picture of them when they were younger with the girl that's in the middle of them. Julia and lily looked at each other and nod their heads while holding hands with the picture in between them, they look at the light dragon "We will destroy anyone that harms our world!" Julia and lily yelled while holding hands with the picture in between them. As light dragon open her mouth blast some light aura at lily's hand and she open her hand their was bracelet with three charms, one is a bow ,another is a horn, and little bottle with clear water. Then the light dragon turns into light aura and went over everyone in town who saw the secret of Julia's secret powers and erase their memory about today. The light aura went back in Julia's necklace and when Julia turn around there was a girl with light gold hair in golden armor with shield and sword, on her helmet was light blue gemstone, the girl walked towards Julia with her arm out. Julia walk towards her and grab her hand , the girl turn into light aura that went in Julia's necklace but the armor, the sword, the shield remains floating, then the armor, the sword , shield want on Julia's body. Then it turn into light aura and went in Julia's necklace. Julia went on her knees and as her eyes rolled back in head then fell on her chest, When lily saw Julia on her chest "julia are you okay?! julia julia!!!!" yelled lily as freaking out.
 Then the power went out and dark figure grab Julia and knock out lily and take them out the window, but when the power went back on,  Julia's mom went upstairs to check on them but when she open the door she went on knees crying as she saw Julia's room window open and blood on the floor then everyone came up stairs and saw what Julia's mom saw. Lily's dad called the police and Julia's mom told lily's parents that she was so sorry to let them get kidnapped, when the police came to  investigation in Julia's room they check the hospital where they were after that first mysteries explosion that took place in park yesterday and now the explosion at the museum. Julia's parents and lily's parents were questioned by police, when Julia open her light blue eyes and woke in room fit for a ruler of great and mighty kingdom. Then the door to her room that she was in, was about to open by someone she doesn't know when the door open it was lily in a light green and yellow dress and next her was a boy about one year older then her with brown hair and dark blue eyes in light gold armor holding a helmet "good morning miss I'm Alexander my ancestor was the captain of the royal guards one of your guards found you on the floor bleeding due to your badges and your friend was freaking out didn't know what to do"said Alexander as looking at lily with a little mean face as he walk out the door and then another boy walk in with light brown hai rand dark green eyes "Are you alright? I'm Matthew one of the guards and trainer here once your wounds are healed  we can get started on your training" Said Matthew as walk out the door and closed the door.  Julia turned and look at bed covers as she blush to red as she think of the boys when lily look at julia face blushing more red.   


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I always love to draw make up my characters in stories with sometimes anime and TV shows but i was born with autism and little part of my brain is slow than the rest of my brain, i'm all so losing my skin color. At school i was make fun of my white spots and my autism it was very hard to make friends in school, but i made one friend and many more but when i search about friendship that kids with autism has difficultly making and keeping friends. I use dress up games for deviantart. I was born on June 15th 2001 and sometimes i talk to myself Please don't hate me



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